Tender Notice No. 7813/CPC/2017 Bilaspur, dated 12th September, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. 4374/Reg.(J)/2017 Bilaspur, dated 9th May, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. Q-3/CPC/2017 Bilaspur, dated 8th May, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. 4125/Reg.(J)/2017 Bilaspur, dated 1st May, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. 2494/CPC/2017 Bilaspur, dated 9th March, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. 1889 Bilaspur, dated 20th February, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. 1237/CPC/2017 Bilaspur, dated 4th February, 2017. PDF

Quotation/Tender Notice No. 913/CPC/2016 Bilaspur, dated 27th January, 2017. PDF

Quotations/Tender Notice No. 88/CPC/2016 dated 4th January, 2017. PDF

Tender Notice No. 9078/CPC/2016 dated 11th November, 2016. PDF

Notice No.8679/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 27th October, 2016. PDF

Tender Notice No.7896/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 26th September, 2016. PDF

Tender Notice No.6962/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 28th August, 2016. PDF

Tender Notice No.6162/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 27th July, 2016. PDF

Tender No. 4029/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 12th May, 2016. PDF

Tender No. 4028/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 12th May, 2016. PDF

Tender No. 4027/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 12th May, 2016. PDF

Information Letter No. Q 02/C.P.C./2016 Bilaspur dated 02nd May, 2016 (foropening Financial Bids for Scanning and Digitization). PDF

Tender No. 2151 Bilaspur dated 10th March, 2016 (for Stationery Items). PDF

Notice No. 417/CPC/2016, Bilaspur dated 18th January, 2016.(Regarding Digitization of Records) PDF

Quotation Notice No. 100/R.G./2016, Bilaspur dated 06.01.2016. PDF

Tender Notice No. 10972/Accts, dated 29.10.2015 of High Court of Jharkhand at Ranchi. PDF

Notice No. Q-7/CPC/2015, Bilaspur dated 01.10.2015. PDF

Corrigendum No. 6953/R.G./2015, Bilaspur dated 02.09.2015 (Regarding Tender Notice No. 5016-A/RG/2015, Bilaspur dated 07.07.2015). PDF

Tender Notice No. 5016-B/R.G./2015, Bilaspur dated 07.07.2015 (for Scanning/Digitization of Court record by using Open Source Software). PDF

Tender Notice No. 5016-A/R.G./2015, Bilaspur dated 07.07.2015 (for Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of Servers, SAN). PDF

Tender Notice No. 2258, dated 16.03.2015 (for stationery items). PDF

Tender Notice No. 2256, dated 16.03.2015 (for file cover). PDF

Tender Notice No. Q/III-9-2/2013, Balod dated 04.02.2015 (for Computer System and Laser Printer). PDF

Tender Notice No. 960/protocol/2014-15, Bilaspur dated 02.02.2015 (for Leather Shoes). PDF

Tender Notice No. 593/CPC/2015, Bilaspur dated 23.01.2015 (for AMC of LAN). PDF

Quotation Call Notice, Bilaspur dated 24.12.2014 (for PTZ Camera). PDF

Tender Enquiry No 8837, Bilaspur dated 02.12.2014 (for windows 8 OS). PDF

Tender Enquiry No Q/Protocol/2014-15, Bilaspur dated 01.12.2014 (for sanitary items). PDF

Quotation Notice Ref No. 5511/RG dated 24.07.2014 (for 40 KVA Online UPS). PDF

Quotation Notice Ref No. 5446/RG dated 22.07.2014 (for Media Converter). PDF

Tender Notice Ref No. 5445/RG dated 22.07.2014 (Netwrok Switches). PDF

Quotation Notice Ref No. 5444/RG dated 22.07.2014 (for OFC Patch Cord). PDF

Tender No. 3715 dated 13.05.2014 (for Stationery Items). PDF

Tender No. Q/III-9-2/2013, Balod dated 05.12.2013 (Computer System and Laser Jet Printer). PDF

Tender No. 6640 dated 12.09.2013 (supply and installation of UTM and wireless products). PDF

Quotations Notice for purchase of printers. (Quotations Enquiry No. 31/R.G./2013 dated 04.09.2013). PDF   HTML

Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)of Local Area Network & Facility Management Services (Tender Enquiry No. 5925 dated 13.08.2013). PDF

Tender for purchase of Computer System and Kiosk System (Tender Enquiry No. 5042 dated 15.07.2013). PDF   HTML

Tender for stationery items (Tender Enquiry No. 3541 dated 07.05.2013). PDF

Notice inviting proposal for supply of Legal Database with Searching Software. PDF

Inviting Quotation for Repairing of SERVER SYSTEMS (Should reach this Registry on or before 11-07-2012). PDF

Tender Notice dated 01.02.2012. PDF

Tender Notice dated 11.04.2011. PDF

Invitation of the Physical Presentation of the furniture & Rate List with rules & List of the furniture for HighCourt of Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur. PDF

Tender Notice for Stationery items. PDF